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    6 января 2020 г. 14:01

    Смысл? Если и так много турнирных площадок!

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    7 января 2020 г. 3:51

    There is a point, TGB is slipping, P2C is gaining momentum. And a stable tournament platform is needed. Which has an adequate administration.Which can please players with stable and interesting tournaments.

    your last words, mean a lot. There is so much that can be done to increase player count in tournaments, by players and administrative team. If we all work as a team, so much can be accomplished. I think admins should give these guys their server, fuck replace "PLL" server for them, if that's easiest.

    MTA PUBG <3

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    7 января 2020 г. 17:56

    I think this is a good idea, the eSports organization GTABG should develop, and the more tournament sites that have a good composition of the administration, gives the essence of the players not to leave this server for different DayZ servers. I think we can give them a chance, since " TGB " is dying anyway

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    7 января 2020 г. 23:58

    if they put in good management, future tournaments will flow much more than these.

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    8 января 2020 г. 1:17

    Let's not attack, each other.. I mean, let's try not to, come on! TBG is trying, to do what others aren't.. so for that we should give them as much support as we can, but when they are doing stupid things of course there will be less players attracted to their tournaments, I wouldn't say they're dying..

    Anyways, it's clear to be seen, there is much people that have high hopes for the MTA PUBG community, I am sure of it regardless of these posts. We're not doing nearly as much as we can be doing, in order to bring the real deal to the table. I am speaking about the MTA PUBG playerbase and administrative team of server. anywasy i wont go on but that's all, with much love.

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    8 января 2020 г. 11:23

    Ну даже незнаю, твоё мнение.