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    20 января 2022 г. 17:01

    Funky paid skins - only thing that I wanted, and bought was horse head mask - otherwise all items are possible/similar to free versions.
    VOIP outside of parties - possibility to use voicechat to somebody after you killed him/snipers from pubg
    Option to censor/hide player nicknames - for obvious reasons
    Add some extra guns to airdrops - only gun that is intersting in the drop is AWM, rest is useless (m24/kar is almost identical, groza isnt better from ak guns and m249 is only good if you need lot of ammo for m4)
    Clan System for the best teams (maybe even with rewards) - since now in order to have "clan tag" you need to add it, in the ingame name
    Fix glitch with 'Fast reload mags' giving extra bullets aswell, without being extended version of them.
    Optional - it could be cool to have some sort of revive system/gulag from Warzone